The Age of Transformation

In past eras, the wisdom of the ages was selectively distributed through unique schools of philosophy where the transmission of light was passed verbally from Master Teachers to their pupils.

The barriers now used to house specific knowledge must be broken to permit the integration of all facets of consciousness, intensifying the energy of the Great White Light. Imagine, if you will, the prismatic brilliance of a crystal and understand that the White Light of Universal Consciousness is the combined aspect of the many unique frequencies of consciousness necessary for producing a more total wisdom which will prompt the further spiritual evolution of kind. Every epoch or cycle has an exact need which demands to be fulfilled, but the power to bring about the changes necessary to fulfill this need is totally within the hands of humanity. The transition from the old to the new will come about gradually as humanity, of their own accord, begins to implement the necessary changes.

It will take much persistence and devotion to alter our concrete thoughts of old, yet there can be no refining or betterment of the world without our efforts to modify and change our understanding of our purpose of life.

Initiation into the higher levels of consciousness will take place as we become truly universal through mutual love and gain an actual living conception of the fact that our existence is a part of all that is and also, that all that is, is part of us. We must all accept the responsibility of assuming the role of vanguards for a New Freedom by uniting our efforts with other groups and philosophies. The combined understanding will furnish a global Light network — an energy grid which will unify and stabilize a more radiant vibration — the threshold to a New Era of divine energies and thoughts that will produce the action and change necessary for human progress as we enter into the Great Age of Unity.

WORLD PEACE BEGINS WITH US, A DAILY MEDITATION FOR THE EARTH: Since 1978, this meditation has been distributed to thousands of groups throughout the world.

We ask you to further assist in the formation of this invisible INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION PYRAMID in cooperation with individuals and groups worldwide projecting LOVE and LIGHT energy every evening. Our collective spiritual visualization can be alive, strong and powerful — its aggregate action can serve invaluable assistance in counteracting present negation on earth. By many groups of well-intentioned individuals meditating at the same approximate time every day, a Universal chain of positive visualization and affirmation can be created.

Our daily meditative procedure symbolizes an active and constructive extension of the Universal master-mind principle — “If two or more among you gather in harmony and share a common benevolent purpose, it shall be done.

WE COME TOGETHER IN PEACE, FOR PEACE, FOR THE HEALING OF THE RACES, FOR THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS, for the uniting of diverse paths sharing in unison and seeking in a united endeavor toward Light and Love that blends all things into spiritual ONENESS. It is truly the time for all of us to work harmoniously in close cooperation and amalgamate Universal Goodwill and the world wide assimilation of Light and Love into the mass consciousness.

HOW CAN WE MEDITATE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PLANET. Create an image of a large pyramid of Light over planet Earth. Inside the pyramid, envision World Leaders — of all nations, religions, and philosophies; economic, financial and energy officials, sitting in a large circle holding hands (symbolizing Unity and Goodwill for all peoples). After affirming Unification with all other people participating in the Meditation Pyramid, repeat this affirmation: “All decisions reached by World Leaders will be made out of Love and Light and in accordance with divine will” Clearly visualize all World Leaders and all peoples everywhere in the world joining hands in a great circle of Humanity, in this spirit of true understanding, peace and sister/brotherhood; each man, woman and child sending Light, Love and Spirit to everyone and everything on earth.

Let each person and Light group form a light pyramid for themselves and consider our individual pyramids as facets of an earth-covering pyramid of LIGHT. Just as the great pyramid of Gizeh has many chambers, let our individual meditation units serve as many chambers within a large pyramid that covers the entire planet and acts as a focus of Light for Universal energies. ENVISION ALL EXISTING INHARMONIOUS CONDITIONS AS BEING IRRADIATED AND LOVE FILLED AND ALL CONFLICTING NEGATIVE ENERGIES DISSOLVED BY OUR CONCERTED PROJECTIONS OF LIGHT AND LOVE.

Please encourage your friends, relatives, and members of your religion and philosophical group to also meditate every evening with us and link together our symbolic pyramids and further strengthen the bonds of friendship and goodwill world wide.

BLESS ALL! “Darkness is simply the absence of Light.” So, that which is of the darkness disappears when sufficient Light is generated and sent forth. Remember the first fiat of creation, “Let there be Light.” NOW is the time for that proclamation from every Light Bearer of this planet. Stand firm in the realization of the bright LIGHT that comes to you and be in the vanguard of projecting that new Light. Love enfolds you and the plan IS being fulfilled! Rest assured that upliftment of the human consciousness comes as surely as the dawn!

Dedicated to all who are building the kingdom of God upon the Earth.