The Power of Your Mind vs. Fear

I was a student when I was first introduced to the writings and teachings of Hamid Bey through his Midwest Director, Master Stanley in Detroit. I eventually met Hamid Bey himself. More than 40 years later, his teachings continue to guide large parts of my life.


My Experiences Preceeding 5000 Burials

Here is the life story of Hamid Bey, his training in the Coptic Temple in Egypt before coming to the United States. A fascinating view of the teachings of The Coptic Mystery School.

In this book, Hamid relates information and experiences from when he was a child through when he had completed his Temple Training. In the mid 1920’s, Hamid was sent to the United States to teach the laws of balanced living. Hamid could not speak a word of English when he arrived in America in 1927, yet he became one of the greatest writers in metaphysical history.


Egypt's Master Voice

Written by Hamid Bey, these ancient teachings are very interesting, inspiring and educational.  Packaged in a 3-ring binder, you get an extensive education on the principles which will allow you to transcend the limitations of "normal living".

Listed below are some of the outstanding subjects described in the course:

  • Ancient history of the Sphinx and Great Pyramid

  • Dreams and Akashic Records

  • Ancient Symbologies of Egyptian Teachings

  • Jesus Christ in Persia and other regions


The Wisdom of the Ages Home Study Course


Tremendous powers lie hidden inside every man and woman which can be tapped to bring new strength and meaning to our lives. But we cannot reach these powers on mind, body and spirit without the proper guidance, and few know the way.

Through an adaptation of the teachings of the ancient temples of Egypt, the Coptic Fellowship has developed a proven method of harnessing unlimited divine power. The Coptic Wisdom of the Ages Home Study Course draws upon important esoteric and metaphysical knowledge passed down for the White Brotherhood of Moses' era and the Essene Order of 2,000 years ago. Step by step, in carefully prepared easy-to-understand lessons, you will learn to bring the governing powers of the universe to life within yourself.

The Home Study Course will teach you how best to use your new-found power, according to a system based upon the secret architecture of the pyramids, from cornerstone to capstone.

Beginning with a survey of the mysteries of the pyramids of the world and the men who built them, the course moves form an analysis of such fundamentals as breathing and nutrition, then onto an understanding of psychology, clairvoyance, astral projection and the attainment of Christ consciousness.

Finally, the study course closes with an exploration of the hidden laws of the universe and the most profound experience of any human life -the ultimate realization of universal consciousness.


The Words of the Master

Master Hamid Bey's knowledge of the teaching of the Egyptian Mystery School is legendary. His wisdom embraces the depth of universality expressed in the hidden mysteries of ancient Egypt throughout its magnificent history.

These twelve introductory lessons written by Hamid Bey embrace the depth of our inner and outer quest for self-mastery.



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