Coptic Beliefs

  1. That revelations of truth are ever present and are understood as capacities are developed.
  2. That these truths as they were perceived and passed on to the White Brotherhood, the Essenes and the Egyptian Coptic Order are the foundation of our teachings.

  3. That God's love, made evident by and through natural law, is universal and everlasting.
  4. That life, creation, progress and evolution emanate from this God Love Expression -- that it has ever been and ever will be.

  5. That love, will and wisdom are natural attributes that guide individual and social destinies to higher levels of awareness and being.
  6. That each individual soul is eternal.

  7. That the spiritual law of cause and effect (Karma) is nature's method challenging us to grow and evolve.
  8. That joy and happiness and health are the natural state of those who have achieved a harmonious God-Nature-Human relationship.