Coptic Purpose

Today, the world awaits further interpretations of age-old truths which will give spiritual significance to modern scientific thought. The philosophy of the new-era will be based on understanding and application of Universal Law. The time has arrived when individuals, in the course of their evolutionary journey, approach the preliminary stages of the spiritual path taught by the Masters.

The Coptic Fellowship International is a group which learns, practices, applies and teaches the fundamental principles of right living as embodied in the philosophy of its founder, Master Hamid Bey.

The name “Coptic” refers to the early Christian faith of the Egyptians. It is in every sense Christian, but it interferes in no way with any denominational or religious belief, and may be regarded as the art of application of those ethical, moral, cultural and physical principles which form the basis of religion in its practical aspect.

Faith is not demanded of those entering the Fellowship, since the results establish themselves and the truth of the philosophy is proved through action. The philosophy is basically that of action, and results come to the student only through action.

In essence, the teachings center on harmonious living, which is possible only through balance: the balance of coordinated development between the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of human nature. Love, in its wholeness, is that balance. We believe that love shall be the central theme of the Newawakened consciousness. As Coptics, we make a sincere, dedicated daily effort to help ourselves and the rest of humanity begin to live this beautiful law. And to assist others to a better life, it is first necessary that we ourselves begin to master the art of living. We therefore apply the teachings within ourselves before we attempt to aid others.




COPTICS demonstrate and teach the principles of balanced, positive, loving and joyful living, promote the idea of
at-onement with all of life, and assist in the transformation of humanity through universal consciousness,
one person at a time.