Crossing The Threshold

The threshold is the bridge to new perspectives and experiences. It is that vehicle whereby we allow ourselves to step beyond our old horizons and enter new vistas: new ways of living, thinking, feeling and sharing. We stand now at such a threshold in the course of human development upon the Earth. We stand in the threshold, hesitating, wondering, asking. We look behind us at our old habits, our old ideas and beliefs, our old friends and life patterns. We see in them the one-time security and promise they held for us. We see comfort and certainty and familiarity, yet we also see somehow an emptiness that we’d never felt before; a yearning for something more; a sense of incompleteness.

We look ahead and perceive the flickerings of a consciousness and capacity and happiness scarcely dreamed of before. Yet we feel uncertainty, constant change and alien shores. We feel the self-responsibility, the work, the courage, the swirling energies — we hold back.

We look over our shoulder again and feel the warmth of the past. We look ahead and see the shining light, so bright it is frightening. We wait, and as we wait, the worlds divide.

Behind us, ever more distant and fading, the ways of the old doubts, fears, angers and obstacles. A world of races and nations and strife. Before us, ever more vibrant, the unfoldment of the new: a planetary family, faith, guidance, cooperation and love made manifest.

To walk to that threshold can take eons of time and personal growth. To reach it is the advent of our spiritual maturity, our initiation into the higher design of things . To walk through it, to roam freely and at will through the inner and outer world of consciousness is to become divinity in action. To proceed from intuition, inspiration and wholeness is to come fully into the new Order of Life on Earth. To share your Love and your Light with each and every being you encounter. This, and no less, is to be living up to your potential. Be a blessing to all. Grace the world with your presence.