Future Vision For Humanity

The ideal future realization is the Roundtable of Nations. To reach such a lofty futuristic ideal requires small steps of the wise and planet-loving tortoise prototype. In each progressive positive step, patience is the virtue to be embraced.

Roundtable of Individuals

This is the first step of the quest for unity. Individuals gathering together in meditation and prayer circles, sponsoring seminars and conferences promoting unity through diversity.

Roundtable of Spiritual Groups and Self-Development Focus

Leaders of groups from all walks of life representing diverse perspectives willing to listen and participate in interactive sessions of sharing.

Roundtable of Religions

Bringing together representatives of existing religions presenting their unique vision of their religion to audiences throughout the world. Stressing and emphasizing the common beliefs shared by the different religions represented. This would eventually lead to a large forum of world religious leaders – emphasizing prayers for the underprivileged of the world. Religious leaders stressing the emphasis of working together for the upliftment of the homeless, hungry and healing the sick and injured. This effort will be a prototype for many to emulate worldwide including the sharing of food and technology.

Roundtable of Nations

This is the ultimate future reality. Political leaders coming together for the mutual benefit of each nation. Endorsing the concept of the world as one family and embracing children of all nations as being our own children. Political leaders working as diligently for the benefit of other nations as well as their own. This pure international motive will serve as a catalyst for permanent peace and prosperity of nations.

The vision of the Declaration of Independence will encompass
the equality of religions and nations.