History of the Coptic Fellowship

The Coptic fellowship is a modern metaphysical organization, but its message and teachings are certainly not new. The lineage of the Coptic Fellowship goes back thousands of years into unrecorded history. Through the ages the wisdom teachings of the ancient masters have been kept and guarded by secret organizations of the chosen few. The secret order called the White Brotherhood was formed in ancient Egypt to preserve the record of Truth. It was called the White Brotherhood because members wore pure white garments symbolic of the purity of their teachings, and met at the time of the full moon which is white in color. The Master Moses was an initiate of the White Brotherhood, and when the time approached for him to leave his physical body, he called together a chosen few to whom he entrusted the guardianship of the Truth. He gave them secret knowledge that was to be kept pure. Thus arose the secret order known as the Essenes, or the Essaioli. It was their duty to preserve the teaching of Moses through the centuries of turmoil and tempestuous times, and to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah of the Piscean Age, Jesus.

Mary was prepared from the age of three to be the mother of Jesus. Jesus himself, Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist and many of Jesus' disciples were Essenes. When Herod learned of the birth of a great king and sought to destroy him, it was the Essenes that saw to it that the child was safely hidden in Egypt until Herod's death. Jesus, or Jeshua Ben Joseph, as he was actually called, was trained and educated by the Essene Order. At the age of Twelve he was initiated into the Essene order and given the name of Issa, meaning Master of all Masters. At seventeen, Jesus and his cousin, John the Baptist, both went to Egypt for further training and initiation. They studied at Heliopolis, which was close to the Great Pyramid. In the Pyramid, Jesus took the highest of the Brotherhood degrees, and his true life mission was revealed to him.

Following this, Jesus, as Issa, traveled throughout the countries of the known world, studying the ways of humanity and current philosophy and religion. His purpose in his extensive travels was to evaluate the consciousness of the masses and how best to reach them. The name Issa, or Saint Issa, is many times recorded in ancient scriptures. It is found in the Koran, Hindu, Brahman, and Tibetan Buddhist writings. Jesus traveled as Issa to Ethiopia, India, Tibet, China, Japan and Persia.

Jesus knew that people were concentrating on him as a personality instead of seeking the Christ within themselves, so he decided after forty days to go into a secret retreat in Egypt and train a few chosen Masters in his Truth. These Masters would preserve the purity of his teachings and take charge of its further teaching to humanity. St. Mark the Elder (who was different from the apostle, Mark) and the apostle, Thomas, accompanied Jesus into Egypt.

To preserve the pure philosophy and to help prepare the way for the Aquarian Age Messiah, Jesus founded the Coptic Order in Egypt. Under his guidance and direction, St. Mark the Elder and Thomas established the Coptic Templar Order in 40 A.D. in Cairo. The members were called Copts. To make the teachings available to the outer world, at least to those who were ready for it, St. Mark and Thomas established an outer temple in 70 A.D. in Alexandria, Egypt. This outer temple is what gradually developed into the Coptic Orthodox Church. In 117 A.D. a Coptic Orthodox Church was established in Cairo.