Looking Forward Toward A New Horizon

The purpose of the Coptic Order is becoming clearer and more definite each day, as the revelations increase and our conscious awareness expands to embrace and embody them. There is a new planetary civilization in the making among us. We are each to be agents of transformation in that process. We are each a centre of Light on Earth. Let the One Light of our collective efforts shine ever brighter that the glory of all life may be illuminated, revealed and celebrated.

There are no religious, economic or social limitations. We are riders on the starship Earth. We are one family. We are the very essence of every promise ever made, every dream ever born, every hope ever held silently within the heart.

The truth speaks for itself, but is demonstrated only through our actions. The results of the techniques we teach shall establish themselves in your own experience as you practice them. The value of our universal teachings are dependent upon you. Our best examples are the quality of our universal perspectives.

This quality is not something we are responsible for having created. It is a gift given each of us. The potential, the unlimited creative potential of the Universe, awaits within each human being. We simply act as educators helping one another to unfold and draw forth into manifestation the secret powers already existing within us. If we would experience all that we seek, we must be it. If we would find Heaven on Earth, it must be in our way of living. If we would fulfill the Divine Plan of human evolution, we must have the courage, humility, love and faith to cross the threshold of perfection.

The Coptics are dedicated to the vision and eventual acceptance of the spiritual unity of religions, nations, and peoples. Only by applying this type of universal approach can the world live as one family.

“The revelation of the Word will constitute a milestone in the progression as well as in the spiritual illumination of mankind. It may seem impossible to change the destiny of a nation, yet every individual, through unity, can do so. Gradually, all the nations will unite and become one.”

Hamid Bey