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In the last analysis, all true development must come from within. There are many outer ways by which one may develop along a desired line. However, these outer ways or suggestions must find a response in the spirit of the individual or they can be of no effect. This is evidenced by the fact that several persons may receive the same instruction, yet only a few may become proficient in doing the thing in which they have been taught. These few have opened a spirit within them that reacted on the teaching they received. The others merely heard the instructions in a mental way and were not opened to let the reaction manifest.

Those who wish to grow in any activity should recognize their own responsibility in promoting their growth. They should strive to contact in any outer way all agencies that may contribute to their growth. They should, at the same time, strive to know that they have to put into activity the result of the instruction that they get through these agencies. They can actually get the benefits of a certain amount of exercise and practice by going through the mental process leading to practice in the outer.

We must learn that we all possess hidden and secret powers; powers of mind, body and spirit which we are not consciously aware of and rarely use. We must learn to develop and cultivate these powers and use them in our daily lives to ensure healthier bodies, stronger minds, greater poise, peace happiness and ultimate success. Your inner powers, guided into proper channels, will bring all these results into manifestation.

Unlimited divine power is at your disposal which you can draw upon and utilize for the betterment of your daily life. You can learn, step by step, what powers you need to develop and exactly how to develop them. This is accomplished through an adaptation of the inner teaching of the ancient temples of Egypt to the needs of modern living.

The Coptic Fellowship International is divided into four principle orders:


Level 1 - World Service Training

INSTRUCTORS:  John Davis, Michael DeLano, Barbara Huttinga & Alan Tutt

World Service Order Leadership Training is a 4-weekend commitment to growth, development and finding your personal path of service.  WSO has two objectives:

  1. How to create a better you, a better community and a better world.
  2. Teaches practical principles of leadership. Preparing individuals to expand their level of service.

Participants will find within themselves their personal role of service for their group and community.  Many find their role as world servers in WSO; for others, it is also the first level of training necessary to move into Coptic Teacher Training.  Information on this course will be available at the Conference.



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World Service Training

Level 2 - Coptic Teacher Training

INSTRUCTORS:  Steve Krejcik, Ewelina Konyndyk & Pete Wehle

Having completed WSO, candidates may elect to move into Coptic Teacher Training.  The basic objective of Teacher Training is to learn about the Coptic Fellowship.  Teacher candidates are taught the ancient history of the Coptics and to embrace the modern tenets and beliefs of the Coptics.  Balanced living takes self discipline, which we will all learn along the way.  A second objective of the year is to move into our hearts.  In an atmosphere of mutual trust, friendship, respect and love, we will share our inner and outer truth together.

Our list of Subjects to be covered includes:

  1. History of the Coptics
  2. Advanced metaphysical theory
  3. Advanced meditation techniques
  4. Subconscious reprogramming techniques
  5. Publicity – How to create a promotional brochure and use the media to attract people to events.


Level 3 – Self Mastery Training

INSTRUCTOR:  Jim Campbell & Susan McFarland

Self-Mastery Training is a course to be attended after Coptic Teacher Training.  It is designed to allow participants to put into practice Coptic Self-Mastery as presented by Master Hamid Bey.

All true development must come from within. To grow in any aspect one must recognize his/her own responsibility in promoting personal growth. 

We all possess hidden and secret powers; powers of mind, body and spirit.  We are not consciously aware of these powers, and rarely use them.  In Self-Mastery training we will learn, step by step, what powers we need to develop and exactly how to develop them. 

This will include daily practice of:

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Concentration
  • Meditation
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Being aware of how we treat others and ourselves
  • Learning to see, hear and respond as a Master
  • Being aware of how our mind and our thoughts impact our "true" selves, and others.

We will learn to develop and cultivate these powers and use them in our daily lives to ensure healthier bodies, stronger minds, greater poise, peace, happiness and ultimate success.


Level 4 - Coptic Ministerial Training

INSTRUCTORS:  Lois Kenney, Carol Hoeve, Linda Beth Krejcik, Laura Joy Veeneman

Those who desire Ministerial Training have successfully completed WSO, Teacher Training, and the Self Mastery Program.  Coptic Ministers represent the Light Ministry of Coptic Fellowship International.  The symbol associated with the Light Ministry is the Ankh.  The Ankh in ancient Egyptian times was known as the “key of life.”  Ministerial candidates learn techniques of successful living.  They learn how to perform the services of an Ordained Minister which include Worship Services, Weddings, Funerals, and Baptisms.  Minister Training teaches spiritual counseling, tools to facilitate seminars, trains candidates how to run their own unique Centers and develop their individual ministry.  In addition, they will have opportunities to further develop their speaking, leadership and organizational skills.







Courses begin each year in September.
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