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The Coptic Fellowship is dedicated to the vision of permanent world peace and unity among peoples, religions, and nations. We believe this is accomplished one person at a time. Everyone has something valuable to contribute to the world. It is our purpose to help individuals reach their highest potential.

We alone determine our level of service in this world. The very purpose for which we came here is upon us. Every one of us is needed. The symbol of the Aquarian Age is the Diamond. Nothing transmits Light with such purity and clarity; nothing is stronger.

We all have the Diamond within us. Within us we have the strength to make our diamonds glow like the spiritual SUNS we truly are. As we lift ourselves up and join together, we take the rest of humanity with us!

In spiritual truth, the birth of the Christ Consciousness is within each of us. It is to this Divine Purpose that the Teachings of the Coptic Fellowship are dedicated.

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