Many Reasons to Join

As a member of the Coptic Fellowship, you get to associate with other like-minded folks who are passionate about personal growth, spiritual understanding, and bringing peace and abundance to the world at large.

We have a long history of supporting lightworkers of all kinds, and love to feature them in our weekly gatherings, workshops, classes, and conferences.

One of our many projects for 2024 is the creation of an online directory of lightworkers, where you can advertise what you do and find those who do what you need.  As a member, you will get a free listing in this directory when it becomes available.

Other perks of being a Coptic member include …

$49.00 Basic Annual Donation – Gifts include

  1. 10% Discount on Coptic digital books and merchandise from the online marketplace
  2. 10% discount on all workshops and classes
  3. “The Power of Your Mind Over Fear” eBook by Hamid Bey free
  4. Message of Wisdom from Hamid Bey and other masters weekly email
  5. Advertise in our upcoming practitioner directory
  6. Access to one set of conference recordings
  7. Be part of a community working to awaken the best in the human spirit

Higher-Tier Membership

Dual Annual ($74) – Same as Basic Annual for two people living in the same household.

Gold Annual ($99) – Adds online access to ALL of Hamid Bey’s materials, plus a $50 credit (per year) towards anything offered on this website.

Platinum Annual ($299) – Same as Gold Annual, except you get a $100 credit (per year) towards marketplace items.

Lifetime ($1000) – Same as Platinum, except with a single donation and no recurring billing.

Membership Upgrades Available

Once you are a member, you are free to upgrade your membership at any time and our system will handle all of the details.  Details will be available in your member account dashboard, however, feel free to reach out to us for assistance at any time if needed.

Coptic Memberships

Support the Coptic mission with an annual donation and get free thank-you gifts, including a 10% discount on all digital products and events offered on this website, a FREE copy of “The Power of Your Mind versus Fear” by Hamid Bey, access to one set of conference recordings per year, and more.

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