From Pyramids to Present:
Keys to Harmonious Living

The comments we got from those attending this conference were PHENOMENAL!  Great info.  Well spoken.  Powerful stuff!

For a very limited time, we are offering this replay option, even though we didn’t plan to offer any replays, simply because there were a few folks who experienced issues getting the information in time to enjoy the event on March 2nd.

Please note that this page will be taken down very soon.  There’s NO guarantee that if you come back later that you’ll be able to watch any of the videos.  Make sure to watch any of the presentations that interest you before you leave this page.

If you’d like to purchase permanent access to these videos, you may do so at:

These videos are listed in the order they were delivered during the actual event.

Steve Krejcik – Keys to Harmonious Living

Tony Burroughs – Intentional Harmony

Corinne Cayce – Your Soul’s Purpose

Frederick Stella – Joy Through Yoga

Ortrun Franklin – Your Celestial Nile

Alan Tutt – Success Through Cooperation

Mark Handler – Tibetan Bowl Healing & Growth Session

Conference Resources

Many of our presenters offer free gifts on their websites, and are planning to present workshops to the Coptic audience.

You’ll find all the details on this by clicking THIS LINK (opens in a new page)

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