This searchable PDF of the lectures by Master Hamid Bey, transcribed by his secretary, Harriet Myers. Master Bey shares the wisdom of self-mastery as taught to him in the ancient Coptic Temples of Egypt. A realized Master, Hamid Bey gave information about balanced living through control of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. Examples of concentration, meditation, exercise and nutrition. Master Bey’s lectures also reveal information about the power of the mind, healing, reincarnation, extrasensory perception, manifestation, attraction, intuition and self-introspection.

Master Hamid Bey was trained by Coptic masters in Egypt during the early 1900’s. His early education was focused on fundamental principles of self mastery leading him to the ultimate goal of complete mastery on the physical, mental and emotional levels. His early testing put him in life situations where he taught humility, the foundation of spirituality. Eventually he was taught how to put pins through his body without pain and how to be buried alive for hours at a time.

In the mid-1920’s, he was sent to the United States to teach the laws of balanced living. He was told one of his early missions in America was to challenge Houdini, who had indicated he was the only one on earth who could accomplish his memorable feats. By the time Master Bey arrived in the U.S., Houdini had passed away.

In the late 1920’s, he met Paramahansa Yogananda and they traveled together throughout America. They were two of the earliest and greatest pioneers of the metaphysical movement. Paramahansa would give the lecture and Master Bey would be buried alive in public, demonstrating the many skills of self mastery he learned during his early years of training by the Egyptian Coptic Masters.

He was a prophet of positivity for humanity and its future and wrote in his manuscripts his advanced ideas of his visions for a better world. The Coptic Fellowship is proud to put his 300+ lectures into this one PDF to help people lead successful, healthy lives.

Lectures of Master Hamid Bey

A digital PDF with transcripts of many of Master Hamid Bey’s lectures.  Easy to search for exactly what you’re looking for, and more than enough material to keep you busy for ages!


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