Below you will find some suggested copy that may be used for emails, blog posts, or similar content to help promote the Coptic Fellowship’s World Service Order (WSO) Training Master Course.

With each piece, you will find suggested titles / subject lines that may be used with the associated copy.  Feel free to edit any part of the suggested text to better fit your personality and interest of your audience.

Sample 1

Subject lines / Titles

  • Registrations now being taken
  • Announcing the Coptic Fellowship’s WSO Training Program
  • $50 Discount until Oct. 12th
  • This will change your life

Body Copy


Just a quick note to let you know that the Coptics are taking registrations for this year’s WSO Master Course.

You can get all the details at:

This is a completely reorganized World Service Order (WSO) training program, and will be held online via Zoom over 15 biweekly sessions, starting in October and ending in May.

Each session will be about 90 minutes, and easily fit into most schedules.

All of these sessions will have a clearly defined topic, with most including a Hamid Bey lesson on the topic and an alternate view presented as well.

Of course, there are usually lively discussions about the various topics as students get to share their opinions and experiences regarding these topics.

Overall, the course has been organized to give you what you need to make a significant impact on the world as a lightworker, including self-confidence, the beginnings of self-mastery, and specific tools to work with Universal Laws to manifest your vision into reality.

Previous WSO students are welcome to attend for free, and new students may sign up on the website for just $250 until October 12th. After the 12th, registration will be $300.

There is a payment plan as well.

Again, full details may be found at:

You’re going to love it!

Sample 2

Help us spread the word about this.