Dec 06, 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Living Your Design Workshop

Welcome to Human Design!

The Coptic Fellowship is excited to introduce a remarkable individual, Amanda Lehman, who is inviting you to join her on an immersive transformational journey as she explores what it is like to live out our unique Human Design.

Watch the video below as an introduction to your experience together.

Living Your Design Workshop OverviewWatch Video:

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“In the Human Design information, we have a treasure map. The map for each individual is accessible and available yet it requires study in order to understand its structure. In learning to read your own map and to follow its path, you are embarking upon a journey into the core of your being at a true cellular level. Over a period of time you will begin to see the changes that living authentically brings. It is the adventure of life and a journey we all are here to make. Enjoy the ride.”
                                                                                                                                 — Ra Ura Hu

The Human Design System synthesizes aspects of two families of science – the ancient observational systems of Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras and the Judaic Kabbalah are coupled with the contemporary discipline of quantum mechanics, astronomy, genetics and biochemistry.

Through the blueprint of your design, you begin to understand how you work. Beginning with making decisions that are correct for you. We have been conditioned to operate in a homogenized way and it’s time we differentiate ourselves.

Imagine for a moment how different your life might have been if you had received your own “user’s manual” when you were born.

Change is not easy. We are part of a greater cycle that is coming to an end and another beginning. Our armor within these changing times comes down to knowing and loving ourselves. In doing so we trust our inner authority when it comes to making decisions. But how do we know how to make decisions that are correct for us?

There is a path of least resistance. One that does not feel frustrating, angry or bitter.

In living out our design we align ourselves with the role we are here to play so we can ultimately live out our Life Purpose. Feeling a sense of Satisfaction, Peace and fulfilment. The video is an overview of the upcoming Living Your Design workshop. Amanda is a Certified Human Design Guide, and she will be sharing important information about Human Design and how it can be applied in our daily lives.

The workshop will cover topics such as understanding our specific trajectory in life, deconditioning, centers, types and strategies, authority, and more. Join us to gain practical knowledge and insights that will help you navigate your journey with a deeper understanding of yourself and your impact on others. In this Season gift yourself or another a Blueprint of life.

Don’t believe me. You experience and find out for yourself.
With Love and Purpose,

– Amanda

The event is finished.

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